Saturday, February 20, 2010

Slotfather - A Crime-inspired online slot

You have probably seen the godfather movies and if you enjoy playing online casino games you should check out one of the hottest online slots this year, slotfather.
The slotfather machine is a mafia-inspired slotgame developed by the Betsoft Gaming team for different online casino companies.

When asking the slotfather how he makes people come back and back to play his slotgame, he simply answers: i offer them a jackpot they cant refuse. And he may actually be right. This is one of most comprehensive casino games on the market these days and the slot is packed with different bonus features to keep you entertained for a long time.

Get ready to meet up with Fat Tony, Sammy Quickfingers and Frankie the Fixer as you spin the reels and wait for a big jackpot to come your way.

The game can be played for free at the slotfather site where no download or registration is needed. Check it out for yourself and im pretty sure that a couple of the punchlines in the game will make you lol.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Claim your Free Week at Pimp-Your-Poker

From the 1st February 2009 all new members at Pimp-Your-Poker can try before they buy.

Pimp-Your-Poker wishes to offer new members a taste of the awesome Poker action that we have to offer.
To give you a taste of the action, we have decided to give you 1 free week at our fantastic site that is consistantly giving away thousands of Dollars a month in Poker Free Rolls.

Over 200 Free Rolls in January Alone!

That's right potential Pimps, our January schedule was nothing short of spectacular with a whoppng 203 Free Roll tournaments taking place, that is almost 7 Free Rolls a day on average. If you want to see what our fully fledged Pimps are making go and check in out in the Bragging and Boast Section of our forum.

If you don't want to get into the action of 7 FreeRolls a day then pass us by...

However if you do, then read on...

How To Claim Your Free Week

It is very simple.
All you have to do is send an email to and give us the following information:

1. You Big Daddy User Name

2. Your BigDaddy Poker Screen Name

3. Your Pimp-Your-Poker User Name

It's that simple

Open your Pimp-Your-Poker account HERE

If you do not already have one open your BigDaddys account HERE

See You At the Tables!

Send us the mail, give us the info and let's see you at the tables so you can start PIMPING YOUR POKER! Team

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Any current subscribed member of who can refer 10 new subscribing members by 00:00 31st January 2009 will get a FREE months subscription added on the end of their current subscription by the PYP Team.

This offer does not affect your refer a friend points which of course you will still get.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


If you are reading this then you have just made an awesome decision that you will not regret.

Welcome to the poker revolution that is Pimp-Your-Poker.

Below is a step by step guide on how to register and open an account and well and trully Pimp-Your-Poker..

Goto and click ENTER

Click on the large SIGN UP button

Fill out the simple sign up form and click SUBMIT

Goto your registered email address and check for an email from PYP

Click the link in email to confirm your registration

Follow on screen prompts to step 2

Login. You will then be taken to the payment page where you must choose method of payment
Once payment has been made you will be returned to the Pimp-Your-Poker home page

Log In then take time to check the T&C page and the How We Roll Page for more information regards Pimp-Your-Poker

If you do not have a real money players account at BigDaddys Casino now is the time to get one by visiting

Once you have a valid BigDaddys account(you may have already had one) email with your Pimp-Your-Poker scren name and your BigDaddys user name (the one you login with not your screen name) so that your correct level entry coupon can be issued.
You are now ready to take part in some of the $20 000 in freerolls available

Click on the Tournament Schedule link located in the header

Read the small explination peace below which you will see the extensive list of games available at Pimp-Your-Poker

Decide which games you wish to play and are eligable to play (All new members can automatically enter games upto and including $100,Upto and including $1000 for 6 month subscribers and all games for 12 month subcribers)
Found a game that takes your fancy? Great just click on the cash icon on the left side and click yes.
You can then goto the BigDaddys Poker client and register for that game upto 3hrs before game start.
All that remains to do now is win some $$$ and tell all your friends.

Good Luck At The Tables
Pimp-Your-Poker Team

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Pic Club is Live at Big Daddy

At last it is finally here! Pic Club is live at Big Daddy. There is a minor issue for using it at PYP because we are not a gambling site. Pic Club cannot do recurring billing so we are pretty stumped there - however with the Big Daddy integration all those that were holding back can now comfortably sign up.

A cracker December Month Ahead

We have 156 tournaments lined up for December, it really is going to be a Pimp-Your-Poker month! From $15.00 all the way over $1000 deep stack games kiss your loved ones good bye, unless of course you see them at the tables!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Decembers Tournaments And Coupons

Hi fellow pimpers

Firstly myself and the PYP Team wish to thank you all for showing patience and support throughout November. Having a great membership makes our task that little bit easier and enjoyable.

As it is the 1st December you will notice that within the next 24hrs the points will revert back to 75pts for paid members. It is then upto you to play the games to earn your points to the next level.

We have re-structured the games and coupons as per below.

Level 1 Tournaments are all games from $15 up to and including $100.
Level 1 tournament coupons and tournaments are called “Pimp-Your-Blinds” and are issued to all paid members.

Level 2 Tournaments are all games from $15 up to and including $500.
Level 2 tournament coupons are called “Pimp-Your-Antes” and are issued to all members who have reached 200pts

Level 3 Tournaments are all games from $15 up to and including $1000.
Level 3 tournament coupons and tournaments are called “Pimp-Your-Stack” and are issued to all members who have reached 500pts

Level 4 Tournaments are all games.
Level 4 tournament coupons and tournaments are called “Pimped-Your-Poker” and are issued to all members who have reached 750pts

Hopefully that explains the new structure.
Once again many thanks and remember get out there and Pimp-Your-Poker.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Double Referral Points

Hi Fellow Pimpers,

Pimp-Your-Poker has some great news for you....

You all know that this site's success depends on us reaching numbers - and yes we know that there are a whole lot of people waiting to sign up as soon as Pic Club is integrated - that is happening as I type this...

So, to get the juices flowing and the points in and the Deep Stack games going this is what we are going to do...

As you know - we give pimps 50 points for every friend that you refer that signs up, you get those points every month for as long as that member stays with us.

From now until the 31 December 2008 we will DOUBLE YOUR POINTS for the first month for EVERY FRIEND THAT YOU REFER THAT SIGNS UP!

And the Pimp that Pimps his/her friends to the MAX will win a $50.00 Free Roll to be played when ever and how ever they want - but you have to bring a minimum of five buds to qualify...

Ok Pimps, hit the emails, hit the phones, and most of all hit the streets and let's get pimping that poker

Latest PYP News


First things first. We have been informed by BigDaddys Casino and Poker Room that a few technical snags were hit when integrating Pic Club into their system. However they are now in the final testing stage and the new date for complete integration is the 1st December. We have been flooded with emails requesting Pic Club so we are very anxious to get it in as well. We will keep you posted...


We have managed to integrate the new Pimp-Your-Poker forum and to sum it up in a word, it is truly "Pimping!" Go and check it out, leave some comments, read some comments and generally have a good time. Send us feedback, this is after all, your site.


We have a jam packed schedule for next month, over and above the $20 000 in free rolls All bounty tourneys are to be held on the Friday nights they will be a $3 + 0.30 buy in with $1.50 in the pool and $1.50 bounty - and in true BigDaddy fashion he has added a bounty of his own were all the PYP members choose the pimp whose head they want the bounty on....All the details are at the forum...


We are not even a month old yet, but our community is growing. And it is not just about size it's about the people. There is an awesome camaraderie between all the pimps and PYP is truly becoming a place to play lots of poker, make lots of money and make new friends from all over the globe. The world really is becoming a smaller place...but a happier one!

A few good deepstack games to end the month

After hosting thousands and thousands of $$$ in Free Roll touraments this month, the Free Roll fun still is not over! As we head into the last week of the month there are still quite a number of deep stack games on the schedule. December is going to be a cracker with lots of pimping promo's and much much more..

See You At The Tables

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get paid to give away $20 000 a month in Free Rolls!

Sounds like a dream doesn't it?
Well I can tell you it isn't!
Welcome to the world of Pimp-Your-Poker Affiliates!

You have the opportunity to truly be part of the online Poker Revolution - and make a small fortune while doing so.

What does it take to pimp the Pimp?

Everyone is welcome to apply to be a Pimp-Your-Poker Affiliate. However not everyone will qualify. There are certain criteria that need to be met - we don't do business with just any 'ol pimp. The criteria are however simple. Just fill in the form and I will get back to you with an answer - usually within a coupla hours but please allow up to 48 hours - their are many pimps knocking on our door, as you can imagine we do have the hottest poker property on the net!

So where to from here?

That is very easy. Click here to go to the Pimp-Your-Poker Affiliate page to sign up. Please fill in as much detail as possible which will speed up the evaluation process.

Our Affiliate system

Just like our website your will find all the Pimp tools at your disposal in the affiliate system. Other than our unbelievable deal which makes it a no brainer for all poker players, you will find marketing material that you cannot resist - and neither will your visitors!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pimp-Your-Poker Toolbar

Hi fellow pimpers,

I have just finished building the pimp-your-poker toolbar

You will find links to all the important areas of pimp-your-poker on the toolbar as well as a google search engine and a live feed to Holdem Radio

So download the pimp-your-poker toolbar today.